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:boost_ok: Introducing a new Fediverse server: !

If you make server software, clients, browser extensions, or anything else that enriches the Fediverse, we welcome you to make your home here!

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DNS service @quad9dns is forced by Sony to block some domain name resolution.

As a small and non profit organization they struggle to defend in court.

For freedom we need non-lying and privacy-proof DNS.

Let's support Quad9!

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#jerecrute un ou une dev frontend pour travailler dans une de nos équipe sur les admins (Gestion et Administration de Nom de Domaine Internet)

Idéalement une personne avec une bonne expérience react et js, typage, une appétence pour l'ergonomie, rigoureuse et autonome. Qui sait questionner les choix techniques tout en s'adaptant à l'existant. Un bon esprit d'équipe. Maîtrise de python et attrait pour les logiciels libres seront appréciés.

@agnes007 (je me permets de demander car j'ai pas trouvé d'information). Comment est-ce que vous appréhendez l'arrivée de Fuchsia chez FairPhone ? Ça va pas vous poser problème si vous devez passer sur autre chose que du Linux (vos outils interne, la rétro-compatibilité de l'OS, la prise en charge matérielle...)

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I just switched to a self-hosted instance to play around more with the fediverse. Time for my first #introduction post!

Hi! I'm Benjamin. I've worked in #gamedev for 10+ years, contributing to several projects, including games like "The Surge" and "Lords of the Fallen" or open-source projects like Terasology or Intrinsic.

Currently, I'm working on my new voxel game engine IOLITE. I've attached some recent screenshots of the development progress to this post.

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"This is what it means to treat freedom of expression as a principle rather than a slogan."

#freespeech #twitter

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I have a new #Gemini project to announce!

💬 Bubble

It is a Gemini-based bulletin board system that combines elements from Station, Reddit, WordPress, and Git-adjacent issue trackers like on GitHub.

Check out the introduction and kick the tires over at: gemini://

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Ce matin, bien des gens signalent un « blocage de #Telegram en France ». Qu'en est-il ? Ce service de communication est-il vraiment censuré ?


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Le quadruple fun du jour, le surblocage de, sans contrôle manuel a priori donc, traçant les stats d’audience à l’encontre de la recommandation de la CNIL, le tout via un système ATInternet/Piano 🇺🇸 violant Schrems II, et hébergé chez Amazon 🇺🇸…

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OONI data confirms that the Telegram url shortener was censored in France on the 11th and 12th of May (it seems unblocked now but I couldn't test it on all networks)

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Hello #Fediverse! #Pinetta is a decentralized FOSS social pinboard in the style of Pinterest. After a month of planning, we've settled on a basic game plan and are opening up our @Codeberg repo for contributions from devs and designers!

We'll be working on a prototype that uses #Python and #Django to get the basic functionality working. We'll also be hosting weekly sharing sessions on #CommunityBuilding principles to develop our Code of Conduct and a larger framework for community wellness. 🥳

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I've been working with a Signal developer to improve the #accessibility of the desktop app, and I think it's getting to a usable state (at least on Windows). There are sounds for chats in the current window now, and messages are list items (and also articles) so they can be reached easily. There are also a few keyboard shortcuts to jump to the oldest unread message, jump to the composer, and navigate to various sections of the app. I'll be addressing some of the remaining issues, such as the chatty conversation windows and the fact you can tab to every single message in the history. If anyone has feedback on #screenreader accessibility of the current beta, I can pass it along. I haven't tested it on MacOS or Linux yet. The beta is here:

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#Gmail is starting to show even more ads -- and they're appearing in the middle of email lists.

There's a real benefit to using email software that doesn't rely on YOUR data to generate revenue or train AI.

Thunderbird: Ad-free since 2003.


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Ce n'est donc plus une exception française le fait que des spécialistes de l'accessibilité numérique soient visé·es par des plaintes/assignations par des entreprises vendeuses d'outils de surcouche d'#accessibilité. @aardrian a donc son tour… par AudioEye.
Plein soutien !

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Lutin Discret a partagé

n'a plus de dispo pour des VMs . Quelqu'un aurait une solution pour builder une app sans sous la main ?

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#jerecrute ! 🎉

Aujourd’hui, travailler en adéquation avec nos valeurs personnelles offre des avantages et des bienfaits non-négligeables.

Il n’y a rien de mieux que d’élargir ses propres horizons pour trouver LE travail qui aura du sens. 🌄

🙋 Et ça tombe bien parce que nous recherchons de nouveaux profils pour compléter notre équipe ! 🙋

Retrouvez nos dernières offres d’emploi ⬇

Et, n’hésitez pas à nous envoyer vos candidatures par ici 👉


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Lovely folks, is reopening registration! We'd LOVE to have more people here, especially if you are looking for a small instance and you are from an underrepresented gender / group / ethnicity. Moderation is ensured by a small group of real humans (including @timotheegoguely and I) and our code of conduct / server rules are available here:

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