We strive for full transparency of our work, so we're sharing our project finances.
Check it out! manyver.se/donate

@manyver_se thank you for this report. Full transparency!

Do you plan to add @Liberapay has a way to support ? Open collective is based in USA and with we want to to use EUR only (due to legal concerns about using USD or sending money though a USA-base company).

Keep up the good work 👍 👏

@lutindiscret Our OpenCollective uses an Europe-based host (in Belgium), and the currency is EUR, so we don't think there is any US dependency. Would that be enough for you? We can also consider LiberaPay, but it comes with some administrative overhead (i.e. handling and managing multiple donation collection sites)


@manyver_se thanks for the details! I've noted that and may consider OpenCollective as a place we could support project.

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