We made fediverse.info for you, the #fediverse.

This represents more than just Pixelfed, and we recognize how important it is to remain unbiased and not use this to further our own project.

Our long term goal for fediverse.info is to turn it over to a reputable, non-profit organization if possible!

Your feedback is invaluable and has helped shape the project thus far, let us know what you think about this!


@pixelfed I disagree with your usage of a "nsfw" hashtag. This hashtag is pretty much always irrelevant.

Something being "NSFW" is totally subjective to the viewer and its culture. Is the thing tagged NSFW really unsafe sex-workers? I think not.

We should encourage usage of objective, culture-neutral, hashtags, like "nudity", "sexual organ depiction", "pornography", "woodworking without gloves", "bike-delivery without helmet" (those are NSFW...), "violence", "slur", etc.

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