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Q: Are you planning Thunderbird integration with Telegram? For in-app chat, or for using as attachment storage?

A: Not right now, because Telegram is closed source on the server side. We want to focus on decentralized, open standard solutions.

To use it as attachment storage, anyone could write a cloud file extension: webextension-api.thunderbird.n

Here are some existing solutions using services like Dropbox and Nextcloud: addons.thunderbird.net/search/



> We want to focus on decentralized, open standard solutions.

Is there an integration with @delta planned? It would require both to implement AutoCrypt (could also be useful for email in general) and adding DC has a IM protocol (it requires an IM UX, not a mail UX). I think it would be a easier to build (its 90% email) than a matrix client.

2nd this! At least for the encryption compatibility. DC doesn't really "require" a chat style UX, (email works with any UI design) but a UI option that enables that style is definitely welcome.
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