👋 @AntennaPod

My company (@codelutin) has a grant program for FLOSS named . Every year, employees can chose some project to support and one would like to support AntennaPod.

For this, we would need you to allow donations via @Liberapay (configured to received € via wire-transfer, not PayPal)

Could you please allow that? So we will be able to support you at the end of the year by adding you to our list

Thanks! Keep up the good work 👍

Hi there!
Thank you for having such programme in your company and many thanks to the gracious staffer who nominated us 😍
We have agreed to not open up another channel for donations, but if on your side you can handle an outgoing € wire transfer, this should work: No account needed - only an email address (e.g. info@...) in step 2. In the last step (3 - Payment info) select 'bank transfer' and it will show the IBAN and a code for the payment description.

@AntennaPod thanks for the answer.

Unfortunately, and while OpenCollective looks like a good platform (hosting great projects!), our grant program is too time-consuming and we don't want to spread on multiple platform (Liberapay allow us to make one paiement for tens of projects at once). So we will not go on OpenCollective for now (maybe next years?). If we add a second platform after Liberapay, OpenCollective while be the choice I think.

Thank you again :)

@lutindiscret We totally understand you want to keep the efforts centralised & simple. We are doing the very same thing on our end 😉 (Wire transfers aren't a platform as such and it's a pity LiberaPay and OpenCollective don't interoperate, but we'll just have to accept the limitations of the systems we chose.)

Regardless, your initiative and gesture are much appreciated! So, many thanks again 🙏 and good luck with your endeavours 💪

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