There must be a term we can come up with for when a "free" service / platform gradually becomes borderline unusable. Main symptoms are implementation of stories, deceptive design, engagement-focused useless functionalities... I hadn't used Medium in a while and look at the mess now. What. Seriously, what.


A "freeze" service? Freezing your freedoms, locking you in.

Btw, domains can be replaced by adding "" to get a stripped version without all the crap.

@humanetech @mcpaccard

shameless plug alert: there's also that proxies images and GitHub Gists too. Runs out of my bedroom but still manages to be 10x faster than

I use [this user script]( to rewrite all URLs in my browser with LibMedium URLs. I'm too lazy to rewrite them myself so this works :p

source code:


@realaravinth great work! 👏

I personally use but with libredirect Firefox extension to deal with "never go on"

scribe is the default alternative but I think configuring libmedium should be quite easy.

Keep up the good work! 👍

@humanetech @mcpaccard

@lutindiscret @mcpaccard
@humanetech @realaravinth Libredirect
has been a lifesaver for me! I use it for pretty much all services
(Youtube, Reddit, Twitter, Google, Medium, etc.)

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